IFA’s scandalous disregard for its obligations continues

Here we are in 2014, a full 3 years after residents first moved into the Residence, and IFA have continued to ignore their obligations to their customers. As an incentive to buy, IFA offered many residents furniture vouchers. While the author is unaware just how many of these vouchers exist, I have in my presence a signed and official voucher for 150,000 AED worth of furniture. This was first issued round about 2005 and was then transferred to me in 2010. During my purchase process, IFA assured me that they would make good on the promise of a furniture package “within a few months”. They repeated this lie time and time again. What have we heard from IFA in the last 2 years? You guessed it – absolutely nothing! In no other developed country would a company get away with such arrogant and unlawful mis-selling. Their hope is that buyers will simply forget about their vouchers and go away. Well listen up IFA management, this buyer won’t ever forget your lies. I’ll be posting here and broadcasting to anyone that will listen, how shoddily you treat your customers. How about doing the right thing and offering at least a compromise solution. You know you should!

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Fairmont The Palm – Thanks for Nothing!

If you’re a resident, especially an owner, in the Palm Residence, you could be forgiven for being less than excited at the imminent launch of the new Fairmont The Palm Hotel. 10 years in the planning, the hotel looks fantastic, but owners of Palm Residence apartments and town houses are now faced with the indignation of being charged ridiculous mandatory additions to their already high service fees. As is well known, IFA Developments and Fairmont Hotels fell out over the project, but now seem to have got together to stick it to owners who have faced countless failed promises from IFA. The hotel manager had the bare-faced cheek to stand up on the evening of 18th December and inform the residents that, after a wait of up to 3 years for many, that they would not be allowed to set foot on the [sub-standard] beach, without paying an annual additional charge of 5,000 AED per year, per Bedroom. For the owner of a 3 bed apartment, that means an additional 15,000 AED per year added to the 38,000 AED already charged. This despite IFA promises dating back 6+ years that beach access would be an integral part of Residence living. It is further absurd that Fairmont and IFA claim that this fee is to help run the lower pools and gym at the North and South Residences. Didn’t anyone remind them that we already have this benefit within our existing service fee? The jokers that came up with this fee structure are clearly out of touch with reality and may well have a mutiny on their hands. Oh, I didn’t mention that the fee excludes residents from use of the hotel swimming pools, as these are for hotel guests only. Granted, they offer a measly 10% discount on F and B, but that leaves the only benefit of the 5-15,000 mandatory fee as the right to use the beach. For anyone who has had a look, the beach is in poor condition, with construction materials along the shoreline. It certainly doesn’t live up to the standards a guest would expect of a 5 star beachfront hotel.

We’ll see how owners feel about these new service charges over the coming weeks. Given what we’ve already had to put up with  from IFA and the excessive delay in getting our long promised beach, these latest developments are nothing more than a kick in the teeth. I would hope that North and South owners and residents might come together and tell the powers that be exactly what we think.

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